Mofakera means a notebook in Arabic, its a new type of notebooks like a small sketch or copybook that focuses on old Egyptians' sayings passed down to us through our ancestors. Available in ALEF ,Diwan ,Mahaly, Teatro Eskendria & Melbalad Gallery.
Mofkera is an Egyptian Company specialized in everything related to stationary products and trendy notebooks.
Since it was founded in 2012, Mofkera now has more than 25 different products in the market, from Hardcover notebooks to Spiral notebooks of various sizes.
Mofkera products are specifically designed to serve university students, work, and meeting purposes.
Our products are distributed in Egypt, Jordan, UAE, and Saudi Arabia in all prominent flag stores in each country, while also being distributed in the rest of the Arab and foreign countries.
Mofkera has more than 70 outlets in all over Egypt, and all of its products are designed and printed by Egyptian hands, using premium materials to ensure the highest quality that we have always promised our clients.
Among the distinctive products of Mofkera is Ramadan planner “ToDo Ramadan,” the annual agendas, and Mofkera’s collection for the summer, in addition to the diverse collection of Mofkeras which is renewed every single year.
You can view the rest of our products and purchase online through our website